Custom Hoodies | Design Hoodies Online with No Minimums (2024)

Personalized Hoodies For Every Occasion

RushOrderTees makes designing custom hoodies simple. Start by selecting a product like a crewneck sweatshirt or zip-up, then personalize it with our Design Studio.

Upload your artwork or use clip art library to create a hoodie that’ll stand out. We have a helpful staff, multiple shipping options, and a satisfaction guarantee. Designing your own hoodie couldn’t be easier!

Why Are Custom Hoodies Popular?

Hoodies are a popular choice for businesses and individuals, due to their comfort and customization potential.

They can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Special Occasions
  • Team Uniforms
  • Brand Promotion
  • Team Building
  • Event Marketing
  • Fundraising

How To Choose The Right Hoodie For You

No matter the occasion or use case, custom hoodies can create a statement. Whether you’re promoting brand visibility or celebrating an event, our custom hoodies are sure to be the right fit.

Here are the top 5 things to consider when choosing the right custom hoodie for you.

1. Select Your Style

Browse our extensive catalog of hoodie styles to suit your every need.

  • Zip Up Hoodies: Easy wear and versatility, zip up hoodies are perfect for effortless layering and quick on-the-go style.
  • Heavyweight Hoodies: Enjoy unrivaled warmth and durability, designed to withstand cold weather while ensuring long-lasting comfort.
  • Performance Hoodies: Elevate your activewear with performance hoodies, engineered for optimal comfort during workouts and outdoor activities.
  • Safety Hoodies: Stay visible and protected with our safety hoodies, equipped with reflective details, ideal for those working in low-light conditions.
  • Kids Hoodies: Keep your little ones cozy and stylish with kids hoodies, featuring fun designs and kid-friendly sizes.

2. Material Matters

Choosing the right material for your hoodie can enhance comfort and warmth on even the coldest days.

Poly-Cotton Blend

  • Breathable
  • Tear Resistant
  • Comfy & Soft
  • Increased Longevity

100% Polyester

  • Durable
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Fade Resistant
  • Low Maintenance

Poly-Spandex Blend

  • Holds Shape
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Durable
  • Ease Of Care


  • Moisture Absorbing
  • Exceptionally Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal Shrinkage

3. Brands By Budget

Match your hoodie brand to your budget quickly and easily with our comprehensive catalog.

Budget Brands

  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Gildan
  • Hanes

Mid-Range Brands

  • New Era
  • Comfort Colors

Premium Brands

  • Carhartt
  • Under Armour
  • Nike

View all featured brands.

4. Customization Methods

With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality custom hoodies to suit every occasion. Using techniques that we’ve refined over the years, you can add your own design to one of our hoodies quickly and easily. If you have any preferences as to the customization method used, reach out to us.

Embroidery: We’ll hoop and sew to give you a classic look, using single or multiple colors depending on your design.

Screen Printing: This technique involves pushing ink through a mesh screen to create high-quality designs.

HD Digital: Vibrant and durable, HD Digital remains a popular choice for intricate designs printed onto any fabric.

5. Design Placement

Making sure your logo, design or image stands out is one of the most important parts of designing custom hoodies.

Some of the most popular design placements include:

  • Left or Right Chest
  • Center Chest
  • Full Front
  • Upper Back
  • Full Back
  • Sleeve

Our Most Popular Hoodies

Check out our most popular hoodies and staff favorites to get a feel for the best hoodie for you.

RushOrderTees Standard Hoodie

  • Our top selling hoodie
  • 7.8 - 9 oz
  • Adult: S - 5XL
  • 50% cotton 50% polyester blend
  • Classic fit
  • Safety colors available

Bella Canvas Sponge Fleece Hoodie

  • Ultra-soft fleece hoodie build for comfort
  • 8 oz
  • Adult: XS - 3XL
  • 52% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton, 48% polyester fleece
  • White cord drawstring, unisex sizing, retail fit
  • Pouch pockets

Carhartt Hooded Sweatshirt

  • Unmatched durability with everyday versatility
  • Adult: S - 4XL
  • 10.5oz.
  • 50% cotton / 50% polyester
  • Attached three-piece hood with drawcord closure
  • Front hand warmer pocket

Gildan Heavy Blend Zip Up Hoodie

  • Our most popular zip up hoodie
  • 8 oz.
  • Adult: S - 5XL
  • 50% USA cotton, 50% polyester
  • Pill-resistant air jet yarn
  • Made with 50% sustainably and fairly grown USA cotton

RushOrderTees Standard Youth Hoodie

  • Our most popular youth hoodie
  • Youth: YXS - YXL
  • 7.8 - 8 oz
  • 50% cotton 50% polyester blend
  • Classic fit
  • Ribbed cuffs and waistband

3 Steps To Create Your Custom Hoodies

Creating your custom hoodies has never been easier. Simply follow our three steps below to get started.

Step 1: Choose your product

Step 2: Upload or create your design

Step 3: Choose quantities & sizes

Create your own custom hoodies online today.

Top Tips For Creating Your Own Hoodies

  1. You can upload your own design, use an existing template or create a design within our intuitive Design Studio quickly and easily.
  2. If you’re uploading a design, aim to use vector file formats or other high-resolution images for the best results.
  3. Consider fit when deciding what size to choose for a custom hoodie. If you want an oversized or slim fit then you may want to adjust the size you choose.
  4. Make sure the color of your hoodie complements your design and doesn’t make it look cluttered or hard to read.
  5. When washing custom hoodies, make sure to turn your clothes inside out and wash them with cold water. Don’t use any harsh detergents to avoid damaging the print.

Design Your Own Custom Hoodies

  • No Minimums: We proudly offer the flexibility of no minimum order quantities for printed hoodies, ensuring you have no limitations for your order.
  • 20 Years Of Industry Experience: With over two decades of expertise, we have honed our craft and can create custom hoodies for a wide range of purposes.
  • Free Standard Shipping: Enjoy free standard shipping on every order, making our products even more cost-effective for you.
  • Speedy Rush Shipping: Expedited deliveries are our specialty, ensuring you can receive your order within just 2 business days for printed products and 6 business days for embroidered.
  • Intuitive Design Studio: Enjoy creative freedom and versatility when you design custom hoodies using our intuitive Design Studio.
Custom Hoodies | Design Hoodies Online with No Minimums (2024)


What is the best app to make custom hoodies? ›

Whether you're creating a hoodie for yourself or your company, Canva makes the entire process convenient—from drafting your design to printing your hoodie through Canva Print.

How much does it cost to make custom hoodies? ›

How much do custom hoodies cost? Each type of hoodie has its own price, depending on factors like material and type of print. Our custom hoodies range from $18.48 to $61.70 for an eco-friendly, super-soft hoodie made and assembled in the USA.

What is a hoodie without a hoodie called? ›

An article of clothing that is similar to a hoodie but does not have a hood is typically referred to as a "sweatshirt" or a "crewneck sweatshirt." These garments are designed with long sleeves, a ribbed collar, and often a ribbed waistband and cuffs.

What app should I use to design merch? ›

Snaptee is the first mobile app in the world that enables you to create your own custom T-shirts with just a few taps of your smartphone. Regardless of your design or photo editing experience, you can easily create your unique clothing with our fun tools.

Can you make a hoodie on Canva? ›

Make your own custom hoodies and sweatshirts quick and easy in Canva with the new Smartmockups tool. Learn how you can create a range of different designs for different purposes and even print them directly from Canva. We'll show you how to upload images and logos, create patterns and add interesting text effects.

Can I make money selling hoodies? ›

With the right mindset, anyone can learn how to sell hoodies online and embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey. Choose a profitable niche, create hoodies that stand out, and market your business right – then, success will follow.

Are hoodies easy to make? ›

Is it hard to sew your own hoodie? No, this is one of the easier garments to sew. The hardest parts are the cuffs and hem band, since you have to stretch and stitch at the same time and are dealing with several layers of fabric, some thick.

What is slang for hoodie? ›

Also hoody . Informal. a hooded sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket. Also called hoodie crow .

What is a kiss hoodie? ›

As part of the trend, people will get a plain hoodie for their partner, which can be any color but is usually black or white, and they use fabric paint to create a white square on the front of the garment, keeping the edges straight with tape.

What is a baggy hoodie called? ›

The pullover hoodie is a loose fitting hooded sweater that you simply pull over your head to wear. The fabric is also usually heavier than a normal sweater for added warmth.

What is the most popular hoodie right now? ›

Some of the most popular hoodie brands include Nike, Champion, SKIMS, and Supreme, but we've also included plenty of affordable hoodie brands to shop from, too, available at retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom.

Are expensive hoodies worth it? ›

Durability and longevity: High-quality materials and manufacturing processes make expensive hoodies endure longer than ordinary ones. Luxury hoodies follow the newest fashion trends with a better fit and sophisticated look.

What's a good hoodie price? ›

Generally speaking, a basic zip-up hoodie will cost you $20 to $50, but a higher-end brand might cost you $100 or more.

What software is used to design hoodies? ›

If you're looking for the right hoodie design inspiration, Adobe Express can help you with thousands of templates that you can use for free. Just choose a template and edit it. Add text, images, or ready-made design elements in the online editor to your hoodie template.

What is the best method of printing hoodies? ›

Design color and intricacy: For printing that has a lot of different colors, small dots, or fine lines, DTG will yield the crispest, clearest design. However, if you have simpler designs with fewer colors, screen printing is a great choice.


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